Don’t Stop Now! Social Media Marketing Through Coronavirus

Don’t Stop Now! Social Media Marketing Through Coronavirus

Social Media Marketing Through Corona Virus

I get it, Coronavirus is causing major disruption across the planet and affecting all businesses in one way or another. Businesses are looking for ways to reduce outgoings, be it furloughing staff, concentrating more on certain revenue streams and the one which I want to talk about more, stopping their marketing.

Marketing is probably one of the easiest things to put on hold, but is it the right choice? People’s buying habits are massively changing as is the way we deliver our goods and services. Pubs are doing quizzes with Facebook Live as well as running a food and beer takeaway service, farm shops are delivering their goods to your homes and fitness trainers are running their classes using Zoom!

As a business owner, if you’re thinking of stopping your marketing or have done so already, you need to ask yourself;
1) Am I trading?
2) Is my business active?
3) Am I still involved with my community/customers?
4) Are there people/businesses that still need my help?
5) Can I satisfy customer needs?

Can you tick off any of the above, in any way? If so, putting a hold on your marketing is probably going to be a mistake. Continuing your marketing through this period will enable you to bounce back more quickly and easily than starting your marketing again on the other side of the Coronavirus pandemic.

So, what can you do now? During this uncertain time, people are looking for leadership and information. If your business is still operating, be it in its pre-Corona format or a new business model, tell people what you are doing, how you plan on moving your business through this period and how it will help and benefit them.

So to put this in context, are you a butcher that is now delivering meat to your local community, a pub that is doing takeaway food and beer or in fact a social media marketing business like Follow My Media that is now concentrating on helping businesses pivot and market themselves using social media?

Also, remember more traditional marketing methods such as posters, leaflets and billboards might not be getting the same exposure as they used to so it may be time to review where your marketing budget is being allocated.

Now you may be able to do this yourself, but if you want to talk your business through with us here at Follow My Media, then just get in touch. If you’re stuck for time, content or facing other problems and challenges, speak to us today.

You can get started right now using the link and answering a few questions. We’ll then get your personalised social media review and plan over to you.

We’re here as a resource and service to you and your business, make the most of us and contact us today. We’d also genuinely love to know how your business has changed and evolved to fight back against the Coronavirus outbreak.

Thanks for reading!

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