Is Your Facebook Page Ad Ready?
Is Your Facebook Page Ad Ready

Is Your Facebook Page Ad Ready?

Is Your Facebook Page Ad Ready?

Make sure that your Facebook presence is ad ready before jumping right in there with your ads. There are a few simple steps that you can take just to make that journey a lot smoother and a lot easier for yourself and make sure that your ads are performing as well as they can do.

One of the first things is on your Facebook page itself make sure that’s complete, that includes your page description where you want to really sell your business to people and tell people how you are going to help them what problems do you can solve. Make sure that you’ve got a bio picture and a banner picture. You don’t want somebody to come to your page and see it half complete. You want to sell your business as much as possible!

One of the other things you can do on your ads manager is make sure that your billing settings are all complete and it’s ready to go, the last thing you want to do is design your ad, get all copy complete and the imagery finalised, hit the “go” button and you then have to wait for your billing details to be approved or facing some kind of problem.

One other thing that you can do, is make sure that if you have a website, that you’ve got a Facebook Pixel installed. That might sound alien to some people. A Facebook Pixel is just a tiny piece of code that will sit on your website, and it allows Facebook Ads Manager to speak to your website so we can track things like visitors so we know who’s visiting your site and we can use that information to retarget them further down the line.

Also, if you’re thinking about any lead generation process through Facebook, so that’s using the Facebook forms themselves to collect data, make sure that you have accepted the terms and conditions of Facebook Lead Generation. Again, you don’t want to put your ad together and then have to go through that and it causes you more issues down the line.

One important thing I will say is, and it’s quite controversial, some people have different thoughts on this. If you can generate likes for a relatively new page, it’s beneficial. If you are looking for a garage for an MOT for your vehicle, and you’ve got two in mind and one of them has 26 likes and another one has 3.5K likes, without further information such as reviews and word of mouth, you are more likely to go with the one that’s got more likes. Some people say the likes don’t generate engagement, comments, and sales. That is simply not true. I will publish page like campaigns together purely on the basis to increase a new businesses page Likes because that will not only increase Likes, but it will also give you give you increased engagement on that page.

One last thing I will cover, is have activity on your page. If people are spotting your ads and ultimately go to Facebook Page to have a look, make sure there’s some activity and content on there and keeping it up to date with things that are going on in your business.

So, I hope that’s given you a few little things just about in mind with your Facebook. If you are still stuck or wondering where to go next then feel free to book in for a 1-2-1 with me by following the link, I will give you as much advice as you need!

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