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What Social Media Marketing Tools Do I Use

What Social Media Marketing Tools Do I Use?

What Social Media Marketing Tools Do I Use?

Now, You might think that all you need is Facebook’s business manager to schedule a few posts, but there is so much more you can use to make your life easier, especially if you have the right workflow processes in place.

To get you on the right tracks, you need to consider what you need to do on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis and have the right tools in place to help you with this.

A favourite quote of mine is, “make the tools work for you, you are not there to work for the tools“.

This is to say that, don’t just start downloading tools because you have heard they are amazing. They may be great, but if they serve no purpose for you, or are not matched to any of your processes, just forget them for now.

So, it’s important to reiterate that this is some of my list and may match with your tasks, some may not. But either way, I’m hoping that some tools in this list can help you out, or at least get you thinking.

So this isn’t about platforms, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, but rather about the tools I use.

Firstly, I use a social media dashboard to create and schedule posts. This saves me loads of time and allows a good overall view of scheduled content. The one I use is Loomly, but a good starter dashboard which I have used previously is Buffer.

Canva gets used massively and I am a fully paid-up member. It allows the production of some amazing, branded graphics, easy to set up and understand. Big thumbs up for Canva from me!

If you want to keep track of clients/customers, a CRM will probably be needed at some point. A CRM basically keep track of clients and pipelines. If this is the first time you are hearing this term, a pipeline, is the equivalent of a funnel or customer journey, and this specific subject will be covered in a future episode. A CRM, when you are dealing with a number of clients and leads is an absolute must, and finding the right one for you is important!

Facebook Ads manager is an obvious tool I use, but I’m not going to go into this too much as if you want to run Facebook/Instagram’s ads, you’ll know of this tool and there’s not much choice involved.

A controversial tool, is that of LinkedIn automation. There are several tools out there, which vary in price and features and functionality. These allow you to automate connections requests, messages, endorsements, and other aspects of LinkedIn. There are lots of new ones that come to the forefront. If this is something you wanted to know more about, you can drop me a message!

Anchor is an amazing tool if you are looking at creating podcasts, which has obviously become more of my day to day working. Anchor is free, and allows you to create a podcast directly in the app or desktop version or simply upload your finished audio file. Anchor will also push it out to lots of different podcasts platforms on your behalf.

In line with Podcast and video production, I currently use iMovie. It’s a basic tool, but allows for very simple editing and creation of audio as well as video files. You can simply drop your files in, apply some quick editing and away you go.

So there’s some of the tools I tend to use on a day to day basis. Not all of them will be for you, but hopefully there are 1 or 2 that may be of help and make your day easier.

Thanks for reading!

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