LinkedIn Engagement Pods

Go from zero to hero with our LinkedIn Engagement Pods service.

LinkedIn Engagement Pods Introduction

If you want to increase your reach and engagement levels on your LinkedIn posts, read on…

LinkedIn engagement pods are groups of people who agree to engage with each other’s content on a regular basis. This is done to increase the exposure of your own content.

Why use engagement pods?

By increasing the engagement of your own content, this triggers an algorithm within LinkedIn, to further increase the exposure by displaying your content to more people.

How does the linkedin algorithm work?

When you post content on LinkedIn, it is assessed on 3 levels to judge your post:
1. BOT Review –
This stage assesses whether or not your content is spam.
2. Algorithm Score
– Your content is scored based on the reactions of the viewers.
3. Human Review
– NO JOKE! Your post is review by a real human and if judged worthy is further enhanced by being put in front of even more people outside of your own network.

An engagement pod is solely targeting the algorithm scoring procedure above.

Pros of engagement pods:

* Increase in content reach.
* Opportunity to network and collaborate.
* Potential to engage employees.


* Your content could fail at the first step (and be judged as spam).
* Disingenuous comments can harm your posts.
* It can be time consuming.

Linkedin Engagement Pods

What can Follow My Media offer you by being part of one of our LinkedIn Engagement Pods?

By signing up to one of our LinkedIn Engagement Pods, you would be part of an organised and moderated group, which aims to maximise the pros and minimise the cons identified the above.

How Do We Moderate our LinkedIn Engagement Pods?

  • From the moment you sign up, you will gain access to a LinkedIn Engagement Pod.
  • All LinkedIn Engagement Pods are operated via WhatsApp.
  • If the Engagement Pod you are allocated to has under 10 members, then there is no charge until the number of members reaches a minimum of 10.
  • If the Engagement Pod you are allocated has over 50 members, then pods will be redistributed.
  • To pass the “BOT REVIEW” stage of the LinkedIn procedure, we ask that all posts that are shared within the pods are of a standard that would not be classed as spam.
  • So comments are not negatively reviewed, we ask that you make all comments to other members posts are genuine and well thought out.
  • We work up to 50 members in a pod as to alleviate the pressure on members time commitment.
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How much does this service cost?

This service costs just £20 per month and requires a certain amount of commitment to like, comment and share the content of other members in your allocated pod.

How Do You Sign Up?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get going, to begin the signup process, simply use our contact form.

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