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Thank you so much for finding out how to leave me your review on my social media links. To make things easier, please type out your review in your chosen text editor and copy the text.

Then, when you are ready, click the links one by one and simply paste your review into the relevant section.

Review Links

Simply click on them one by one and paste in your testimonial.

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Review Links

Not sure what to write or how to structure a review?
Here’s a handy structure you can follow to show your journey with Follow My Media:

1)    Introduce who you are, and where you were at, before meeting me.

2)  Why did you want to go on this journey (your problems)?

3)  How did you find me? I.e. Facebook, word of mouth (referrals).

4)  What changed for you after you found me?

5)  Results you have got.

6)  Insight on what your future looks like. I.e. feelings (excited).



 Here’s an example:

“I’m the Director of CDCS Ltd, a commercial cleaning business specialising in Extraction System Deep Cleaning based in Burnley. Before working with Darren at Follow My Media, we had virtually no social media presence or lead generation strategy.  I needed our social media and lead generation taking care of by someone who was willing to understand our business, objectives and challenges and met Darren through a referral.
Darren now takes care of our lead generation and social media content which has now resulted in qualified leads and consistent content being published. This has been great as it’s a weight off my mind knowing it’s in good hands and I’m excited about where we can work together in the future.”